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  1. Click GIS Link, here or toward bottom of left menu.
  2. On the next screen you will enter Street Address, Owner Name or the 12 digit Map and Lot number and click search to the right.
  3. The next screen will automatically zoom in on and highlight in blue your selected parcel.  On the right side of the page, located under the SELECTION TAB will be a links that read:
    i. Property Details—This link will give you the most current property information available on the website.
    ii. Property Record Card—This link will take you to the MainST GIS Property Record Card.  This card is created from the data pulled from the City of Ellsworth Database
    iii. Assessor’s Card—This link will take you to the Vision Property Record Card from the Office of the City Assessor for the date printed on the upper right hand corner of the card.
    iv. Abutters Tool—This link will assist you in getting a listing of abutters for any property in the city with names and addresses.
  4. If you would like to view zoning, aerial photo or other layers please click on the LAYER TAB next to the SELECTION TAB.  Layers can be turned on and off by checking and un-checking the boxes to the left of the description.  (please note that the OFFICIAL zoning/land use map can be found at http://cityofellsworthme.org/pdfs/ords/zoning-map.pdf)
  5. IF the screen does not automatically zoom to your subject parcel…click the FIND TAB on top right side and re-enter your SEARCH ID and click GO and it should then take you to the INFO TAB where you can click on the Assessment Detail link.

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