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General Assistance Department located in Ellsworth City Hall at 1 City Hall Plaza.

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Ellsworth's General Assistance

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General Assistance is a program that has been available in every city and town in Maine for many years to help those individuals or families who find themselves unable to provide for their basic needs. Basic needs such as utility bills(electricity and heat), food and housing. GA provides a specific amount and type of aid for defined needs during a limited period of time and is not intended to be a continuing “grant-in-aid” or ‘categorical’ welfare program”(such as DHS ) . GA is available to anyone who is in need at any particular time. GA is the program for last resort. It is the “safety net” intended to help those people who have no other resources.

There are many other programs out there as well, such as TANF (Temporary Assistance to Needy Families) if you have minor children; Food Stamps for groceries, Maine Care for medical ( apply at DHS (207) 667-1600, Li-Heap for heating assistance, whether it be oil, propane, firewood, or electric, and Section 8 for subsidized housing( apply at WHCA) (207) 664-2424.

Ellsworth has a shelter, the Emmaus Center, which is located at the corner of Water & Main Streets, in the old Federal Building.  They have been serving the homeless and those in need for approximately 22 years.  While at the Emmaus Center, residents receive assistance in meeting their needs and goals including but not limited to applying for housing, obtaining an income or employment, and making medical and/or mental health appointments.  Please contact (207) 667-3962 for more information.

To apply for General Assistance at the Ellsworth City Hall hours are as Follows:

Monday- Friday 8:00am- 3:00pm by appointment.

Please Call (207)-669-6630 or 667-2563 ext. 128

For Emergency’s outside our office hours you may Contact the Ellsworth Police Department at (207) 667-2133.


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