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Tuesday, Thursday - Saturday 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Wednesday 12:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Sunday & Monday Closed

Transfer Station 207-667-1181

Recycling Center 207-667-1181

Location The transfer station is in the Boggy Brook Industrial Park off Route 1A, near the intersection with Christian Ridge Road. The Christian Ridge Road and Route 1A intersection is marked by the white oil storage towers.

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The Benefits of Recycling

Recycling Saves Natural Resources
Our finite reserves of natural resources are being depleted rapidly, particularly with the increasing use of disposable products and packaging. The rate of use and disposal takes a particularly heavy toll on irreplaceable natural resources from our forests and mines.

Recycling Saves Energy
Energy savings are a very important environmental benefit of recycling. By using energy, it requires the consumption of scarce fossil fuels and involves emissions of air and water pollutants. The steps in supplying recycled materials to industry (including collection, processing and transportation) typically use less energy than the steps in supplying virgin materials to industry (including extraction, refining, transportation and processing).

Recycling Saves our Environment
By reducing the amount of energy used by industry, recycling also reduces greenhouse gas emissions and helps prevent global climate warming. Energy used in industrial processes and transportation involves burning fossil fuels like gasoline, diesel and coal, which are the largest sources of carbon and other greenhouse gas emissions into the environment.

Recycling is Good Business
By converting waste into valuable products, recycling creates jobs and adds significant value to the entire U.S. economy.

Recycling is a community effort! Residents can improve the quality of our environment by putting into practice “REDUCE, REUSE, & RECYCLE”.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Hours of Operation?
Sunday Closed
Monday Closed
Tuesday 8 am – 4 pm
Wednesday 12 pm – 4 pm
Thursday 8 am – 4 pm
Friday 8 am – 4 pm
Saturday 8 am – 4 pm

What are the differences between boxboard and corrugated cardboard?
Corrugated cardboard is thicker and has lines and wrinkles within. Boxboard has a smooth surface and is thin.

There is a sign that states “It’s the Law!” upon entering the Recycling Center. What does this mean?
It is against the law to dispose of televisions, computer monitors, fluorescent light bulbs, mercury thermometers, rechargeable batteries, computers, and laptops. These universal waste items must be disposed of properly. The Ellsworth Transfer Station and Recycling Center does not accept these items. Coastal Recycling Center in Franklin, Maine does accept these items for a fee.

Which window do aluminum and tin cans go?
Aluminum and tin cans go in the same window as the steel cans (e.g. soup cans).

Because iced tea mix cans are part metal as well as cardboard, where should these sorts of cans be disposed of?
They should be disposed of in the regular household trash.

Where should oatmeal containers be disposed of?
They should be discarded in to the boxboard receptacle.

Where should metal pots and pans be disposed of?
Pots and pans should be disposed of through the transfer station in the metal pile.

Why are window envelopes not accepted at this recycling center?
The cellophane windows contaminate the paper during the recycling process. If the cellophane windows are entirely removed from ALL window envelopes, they may be discarded in the appropriate paper container.

Should shredded paper be disposed of with the regular paper?
No. Shredded paper has its own container located immediately to the left upon entering the Recycling Center.

Are Styrofoam items recyclable?
No. These items should be disposed of in the regular trash stream.

Are the books located on the back wall of the transfer station free?
Yes. The books are all free. They may be kept forever or returned (recycled) for others to read.

Are customers allowed to leave unwanted, operable items (e.g. coffee pots, toasters, portable radios, etc.) for the taking?
No. Due to the limited amount of space available, those items can be disposed of or many non-profit organizations accept these types of items as donations.

Are any items disposed of in the wood or metal pile available to the public.
No. Due to insurance purposes, these wood or metal items are not available.


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